Make It Yourself (#MIY): Quick fabric corsage tutorial


Perfect for a super speedy gift idea, we managed to put this tutorial together during an evening at the pub. You could still make one in time for Mothers Day, or make for friends’ birthdays the night before… I can’t be the only one with a horrendous memory for dates!

As you’ll see from the atmospheric lighting in the photos, the roaring fire and the slowly emptying glass of wine, we really did make this in one evening, whilst chatting at the pub. So with this Make it Yourself (#MIY) tutorial you can make/do something new.


You will need:

  • A wide narrow strip of light cotton fabric. Ours was about 40” x 3”
  • A small piece of slightly heavier wight fabric
  • A pair of scissors
  • A pen
  • Sewing thread (a sturdy thread, or just double it over as you’ll be pulling it tight)
  • Sewing needle
  • A safety pin

Start off by cutting your strip of fabric.
Double it over widthways, wrong sides together and pin.


Tie a knot in the end of your thread, or secure it to one end of your fabric. Sew down the open side, about 1/2cm from the edge with a very long loose stitch. It is quickest to use a sewing machine, but we were in the pub so did it by hand… (It could have been even quicker!!)


Take a big sip of wine as you won’t have both hands free for a while…

Pull the thread tight and gather the fabric up by pushing it down the thread. Tie another knot in your thread, leaving some room for flexibility in the gather…just so it doesn’t all slide off the thread or ungather itself.


Fold the start of the fabric length over on itself on a right angle. This is so it doesn’t stick up in the middle of your flover and looks more like the centre of a bud. It also hides the fraying end of fabric! Stitch it in place.

Start gathering the fabric around itself to create the flower shape. Stitch it in place around the base as you go.

Keep going… I know its a long piece. If you like the size the flower has got to before you reach the end of the fabric, just cut the end off – but be careful not to cut the original thread you were using to gather with…


When you get to the end, fold the end of the fabric strip over, like you did at the beginning, and sew into place, securing the last part of the flower.

Take another sip of wine now you have your hands free. Use your cotton bobbin as a template to draw a circle for the base of your corsage. Cut this out.


Sew it over the base of the flower to hide the messy part – tuck the edge of the circle inside as you go.


Attach the safety pin (make sure you are attaching the static side) by oversewing. Maybe tie a couple of knots as you go incase of threads snapping in future.


Ta-da! One quick corsage and lots of brownie points from Mum.
Finish the wine and carry on chatting.

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