This Week on the Web #1: craft hacks, new Noro & superheroes!

Craft Hacks idea from Buzzfeed

Craft Hacks idea from Buzzfeed

Every week we’re going to inspire you and hopefully make you chuckle as we bring you a round up of what we’ve spotted online in crafting blogs, websites and shops. So here goes week 1!

I love a good Buzzfeed. To be honest, they’re about the only Facebook links I ever bother to click through to these days, and few disappoint. So when I spotted this one I knew I had to share it with you. It’s a little American (no offence intended US buddies!), but has a couple of great thrifty ideas for crafting. My favourites are the ribbons stored on a kitchen roll holder and the bobbins in the pedicure foam – both will be implemented very soon in my messy craft storage!

I’ve been trying to source some Art Gallery voile recently for a particularly pretty pair of pyjamas I’m planning and struggled initially to find it here. I was contemplating paying the ridiculous international shipping fees to have it sent from Florida when I came across The Village Haberdashery. Well, that was the end of any productivity for that afternoon. What beautiful fabrics they have. You’ll get lost for hours! And it turns out that they are based in West Hampstead. I think a little inspirational day trip for the make/do girls is in order, credit cards in tow!

The latest title in the Knit Noro series

The latest title in the Knit Noro series

For all you knitters out there, I’m sure you’ve come across the sumptuous Noro yarns. They are favourite among the make/do girls and top of our stock list for the pop-up shop so it was great to see a new book ‘Knit Noro: 1, 2, 3 skeins’ (published by Sixth and Spring books, available on preorder at Amazon and other retailers). The projects are varied with accessories, clothing, homeware and even a cuddly bunny in beautiful colour ways. We’ll be picking out some projects so that we’re ready to pick our colours when the stock comes in and get knitting!

Finally, if you fancy using your crafty powers for good there are some incredible causes out there. This week I read about Supercapes. Started by Claudia, a crafty mum from Winchester, the charity collects superhero capes, created by budding seamstresses around the country and sends them to children in difficult situations around the world, hoping to make them smile and ignite their imagination. I’m planning on making a cape to send to her when we craft-a-long in the pop-up shop so join me if you can.

That’s it for this week’s round up. Let us know what you’ve discovered online via twitter or the comments section.

Reigniting children's imaginations with Supercapes

Reigniting children’s imaginations with Supercapes

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