Is your #MIY outfit a winner?

Make sure you get your gladrags on for the make/do launch on Friday 23rd May. And if you wear something you have made yourself then not only will toy get a voucher for 10% in the shop, but you’ll be in with a chance to win a copy of Sew your own Wardrobe from the #GBSB series.

Sewing bee bookOn the night, author of the book Sew your own Wardrobe, Tessa Evelegh, will be officially opening the shop, sharing some words of wisdom and signing books. But the highlight will be as she casts her expert eye over your handiwork and presents a signed copy of her book to the person she feels has created a standout garment or accessory.

So what will Tessa be looking for in a winning Make it Yourself #MIY piece?
Here are some ideas:

What is it about your style and the pieces you create that we just haven’t seen before? It may be something creatively upcycled, or show us the full works… Knit, sew, staple or crochet… the medium is up to you.

Precision sewing:
Showing skill in the execution was one of the things that marked out the final of the Great British Sewing Bee – Heather’s neatness in putting patterns together earned her the #GBSB crown. Put our French Seams tutorial to good use and

Fashion flair
Will it be a pair of puff sleeves that Chinello would be proud of? Or just a tweak to a classic outfut that will have the WOW factor

Colour Combos
A standout outfit which shows a great eye for colour, blocking or combinations.

Heather's dressThough, obviously, if you want to make a full couture gown complete with whip and riding hat, then don’t let us stop you! It has been proved a winning outfit at least once before (Well done Heather!)

For more ideas for your #MakeItYourself piece for our launch party, head over to the make/do pinterest page and see our boards on making your own clothes and accessories

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