#MIY – Sew a knitting needle roll

Keep all your needles ordered and neat and #MIY a really simple to make knitting needle roll.

I am always misplacing needles, or to be exact, one of a pair. So the way to keep them together, and have aplace for all my bits such as needle guage, stitch holders, markers etc, is to have a knitting needle roll to keep them organised and where you need them…

All you need is:
2 complimentary fabrics about 70x45cm – this will be good for the usual 40cm needles. If most of yours are longer, then adjust the long side accordingly.
A long ribbon or cord at leas 40cm long. It will be doubled up and need to wrap around the roll and tie in a bow.
The usual scissors and thread

NeedleRoll2{Step 1}
Pin your fabrics right sides together, leaving a break to be able to turn it inside out.

{Top Tip 1}
Firstly put the two pins to mark the gap where you’ll turn the fabris out. Put these pins perpendicular to the edge rather than in line with the stitch, so you will remember to stop sewing when you get to this and not have too much unpicking to do!

{Step 2}
Sew all the way round the rectangle (except the gap) and then turn the fabric right side rund. Push out the corners.

{Top Tip 2}
To make sure you get sharp corners once they are turned the right way, snip the corners off whilst the fabric is still inside out, making sure you don’t snip the stitching. Then use one of your knitting needles to push the corners out once turned the right way.

{Step 3}

Top stitch along the two short edges.

Fold the two short edges in. We folded the bottom up 19cm and the top down 10cm to make sure it will hold the needles in when you unroll it. (sorry – I know that should really have been ironed before photographing!)

Pin the edges down fully along the right side, and the bottom fold only on the left. Leaving the top flap open on one side will make it easier to get the needles in and out.
Pin the ribbon securely to the left hand edge.

Top stitch down both sides.

NeedleRoll5{Step 4}
Mark with pins how wide you want your needle compartments to go. Ours had 5 evenly spaced narrow compartments for the needles, and one wider one on the left for all the bits and bobs, or any curcular needles.
Stitch up from the bottom to the top of the base fold.
Tie off all the loose threads and snip off.

{Step 5}
Fill with your knitting sundries, and feel very pleased with yourself.
Come and show it off to us at our next craft night… Or make one as a speedy gift idea for a crafty friend.



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