#MIY: Sew a quick make-up bag

make do something new this long weekend – or just before it, so you can use your easy-to-sew cosmetics bag to take your bits and bobs on your long weekend break…

Quick, easy and cute. This little drawstring bag has multiple uses, can be adapted to be made in various sizes or fabrics, and also is a perfect little gift when filled with a few cosmetics (or cookies).

This is one little wonder that I keep in my work bag so I can do my make up after cycling to work (it would be a waste of time doing it before cycling as I’d only have to wipe off all those little flies and start again…)

So as I start work again next week after having Bairn #2, I thought a make-up bag refresh was in order. And this is how I did it…

{You will need}
– 2 complimentary (or contrasting) fabrics. One for the lining, and one for the outside. If your foundation always leaks, you may choose touse a wipe-clean fabric for the lining. Alternatively, just stick it in the wash every so often… – a ribbon or cord three times the width of your bag.
– scissors
– tape measure or ruler
– about an hour

{Step 1} – Cut the fabric.
You will need two pieces in each fabric the size of your bag, plus 1cm seam allowance on each side, and 3cm additional at the top for the fold over.
My fabric was cut to 30x24cm to make a bag of final size 27x21cm. I chose a design with vertical stripes for the outer to help me keep my cutting straight and to visually help me turn my top fold later on. You may not need such a crutch!

{Step 2}
 – Pin each fabric to its pair, right sides together. Sew 3 sides of the bag – in my case, the two long sides and across the short bottom.
For a nice flat bag once finished, sew your lining slightly further into the fabric than the outer fabric on each side so that it will fit snugly inside. However… if you make it too much smaller your top fold will pucker when you sew it (don’t look too closely at my final bag…ahem!)

{Step 3} – Turn the outer fabric right sides out. Snip the excess off the seam allowance on the corners so you don’t have bulky corners (be careful not to snip too close to the stitching) and use scissors to push out the corners. Keep the lining fabric as is and insert into the outer fabric pocket. Now cut across the top inch or so of the lining fabric as it will be enfolded in the turn-over and we don’t want it to be too bulky.

{Step 4} – Push the lining into place in the bag, making sure the side eams match up, and pin into place about halfway down the bag so it doesn’t move about as you do the fiddly top fold.

{Step 5} – Turn your top outer fabric edge inside the bag, allowing plenty of width for your cord, and making sure you catch the lining inside the turn. Turn the edge again to hide the raw edge. Pin into place.
My turn was 2.5 cm once the raw edge was hidden. You may find it easier to pin the centre of each side (so you can make sure they are the same width) and then work towards the side seams which are a bit fiddly. For neatness, make sure the side seams of the outer and lining fabric match up.
Sew the turn close to where the turned edge meets the lining. This will appear about 2.5cm down on the outside of the bag.

{Step 6} –
Snip open the side seam of the turnover wide enough to insert the cord or ribbon. To thread the cord through you may find it helpful to pin a hefty safety pin through the end that you can feel and guide from the outside. Pull it all the way through till the two protruding ends are the same length, and coming out of the same hole. Ensure the ends of the cord don’t frey, either by neatly wrapping sellotape round, trying a knot or making tassels.
You’ll then need to secure the side seam of the bag where you snipped it earlier with some neat hand stitching.

{Step 7}
– fill your bag with contents of choice – preferably some beauty essentials for your long weekend break. Or lots of chocolate mini eggs for a glamororus Easter gift!


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