Make it Yourself #MIY: Vintage birdcage veil

Make/do something new this weekend… For a wedding guest or Ladies Day at Ascot.

Wedding season will soon be upon us, and if you want to stand out from the other guests then pull a Stella McCartney and sport a smart and retro birdcage veil to match the colour of your dress. You could add it to a pillar box hat or just a clip for simplicity. Also perfect for a day at the races.


The birdage veil can be just a token, not even going over the face, or can be the full face length. So choose the length of lace appropriate for what you want. This one covers about half the face.

{Step 1}
So before you get started, this is what you’ll need:

Head down to your local haberdashery, raid Mum’s fabric draw, and hunt around your house for the following:
– A plastic comb – white or clear may be most helpful.
– A piece of netting with wide holes (or whatever you like the look of) about 3-4 times the width of the comb,and whatever ength you’d like (to go from the point in your hair where the comb will be, to the point on your face where the veil finishes)
– 50cm of white ribbon about 1cm diameter
– Some sort of decoration to go over the comb. I used an old broken bracelet I picked up from a fair for about £3. you could use little faux-flowers, or fabric pieces…
– cotton & thread
– scissors

Now settle down in front of your fave programme or a film, as this really doesn’t take very long and you are a woman so can multi-task…

{Step 2}

Get the comb and ribbon. Wind the ribbon around the comb edge, going in between each of the teeth. This is so you have something to sew the veil onto. Tuck the ribbon ends in securely.

{Step 3}

Sew the centre of the veil (the messy edge, as you’ll want the neat edge over your face) to the centre of the comb. Then evenly gather up the lengths on either side of the centre and sew them onto the ribbon. You can pin them down to start with so you can check you are happy with the gathering.

{Step 4}
If your sewing is pretty tidy you can leave it at this. Alternatively, if you want to cover the gathering on the comb with a bit of detail, then sew this over the top of the comb to cover the gathers.
I used an antique bracelet that had broken, and attached it to the comb with some metal wire – which was very speedy, but cotton and thread would have worked just as well…
For the other veil, the little roses (which you can get in loads of colours to match your theme/colours) have wire tails on so just wrap these around the comb.

It’s as easy as that. Ta Da!

If you are the bride, then this is the perfect simple ‘Something New’ to go with your cocktail vintage-style wedding dress. Just make it in white and add some sparkle. It is so easy-peasy to do, and pretty cheap, so if you are still trying to decide to-veil-or-not-to-veil, then I definately recommend giving this a go anyway. This is the perfect veil for a 1950’s style tea-length wedding dress, or equally pair with red lipstick and a long cowl-neck dress for the 1930’s look.

Credits: Sabina Motasem wedding dresses, CRED Jewellery ethical engagement rings & jewellery.

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