This week on the web #2; April Fool’s, Easter Projects & Claire Montgomery

Ooh it’s been an interesting week on the web with lots to distract me from all the stuff I should have been doing! So now I’m going to pass it on to you and cause you some procrastination too… It’s only fair!

Did you spot any good April Fool’s this week? I was so impressed to see the crafters getting in on the joke and loved Deramores’ ‘Hover Yarn’ invention and Love Knitting’s Chamelumen spider spun yarn! Very clever and gave me a giggle!

Deramores' Hover Yarn

Deramores’ Hover Yarn

The best thing I read though was about the good knitters of Ilfracombe who played their April Fool’s prank on Damien Hirst’s sculpture. We think the injection of colour is just what it needed and hope Mr Hirst didn’t mind too much!

So as well as being April Fool’s Day, Tuesday was my daughter’s 1st Birthday! It’s been an incredible year and she is wonderful but there hasn’t been much time for crafting. Now that she is one, I’m determined to make some more time for making things and was looking at patterns to create something pretty for her. A few years ago the make/do girls attended a book launch at lovely shop Loop to celebrate Claire Montgomerie’s book, Knitting for Children. I looked her up to see what she is up to now and found her beautiful blog Monty Knits She shares various inspirations and ideas and a few patterns including Easter ideas.

Easter Finger Puppets from Fiskars

Easter Finger Puppets from Fiskars

Speaking of which… if you have projects planned for Easter you should get started! It’s only two weeks to go. We saw these simple little Easter finger puppets which would be great to make with kids. I might try them for my little one.

In my newly inspired flurry of crafting preparations I also ordered some Bergere de France yarn from Love Knitting. It took me a while to select this from all the yarns they had but when the parcel arrived a few days later it was just beautifully packaged and lovely. I’m excited that we’ll soon have our pop up shop and we ‘ll be able to invite you to come in and choose yarn for yourself, but in the meantime I recommend these guys!

My beautifully packaged yarn from LoveKnitting

My beautifully packaged yarn from LoveKnitting

So that’s it for this week. If you see anything you think we should feature in it blog do let us know. I leave you with this wisdom…
Julie x

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